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DP-iDP 2019:


Guest Lectures:



- Louise Torp Dalgaard, Roskilde University, Denmark "Circulating and tissue micro RNAs as biomarkers in metabolic disease"



- Martin Knöfler, Medical University of Vienna, Austria "Human trophoblast development: key molecular mechanisms and model systems"



- Thomas Eiwegger, Sick Children Toronto, Canada "Developing tolerance to food allergens: Lessons learned from birth cohort?"



- DP-iDP Satellite Symposium DP-iDP at NOVA Park Graz ahead of the DPSG Meeting 2019:

Christopher Nolan, Australian National University Medical School and ACT Canberra Health Services "Obesity, Inflammation and the Placenta"

Jane Dahlstrom, Australian National University Medical School and ACT Pathology, Canberra Health Services "Inflammatory conditions of the placenta: A pathologist's perspective"

Mary R. Loeken, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School) "Use of mice and stem cells to study the molecular causes of birth defects in diabetic pregnancy"


- Denise G. Hemmings, University of Alberta, Canada "11 TNF and S1 P in the human placenta, focusing on the role of S1 P in the vascular function during pregnancy"




- DP-iDP Retreat 2019:

Yoel Sadovsky, University of Pittsburg, USA "Placental fat control and pregnancy health"

Paul Brownbill, University of Manchester, UK "Cell free fetal haemoglobin – a challenge to fetal growth"


- Annarita Di Lorenzo, Weill Cornell, USA "Sphingolipids: Fine Tuning Cardiovascular Functions"





- Dissertationsseminar - Development and function of the human placenta, pregnancy and its Pathophysiology (PhD DP-iDP)


- DP-iDP Journal Club


- DP-iDP Retreat 2019

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