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Growing up in Science - Taking a peek behind their CV


The Medical University together with BioTechMed Graz is happy to announce a new series called “Growing up in science”

Official CVs from scientists only show their successes; Growing up in Science gives you the chance to find out about “behind-the-scenes” stories of scientific CVs. Join us for this year’s first event of Growing up in Science Graz and hear about the challenges, failures and coincidences that are intrinsic in research and that shape scientific careers: 

The first speaker is the vice-rector of the Medical University of Graz; Caroline Schober-Trummler. After the talk, we warmly welcome you to continue the discussion over food and drinks.

Join us on Monday 8th April, 5pm,  Room SZ 15.21, Universitätsstraße 15 Bauteil A, 2nd floor

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